It’s going to be a re-re-telling of that story with a twist, apparently aliens will land and we have to defend the crown against that, and Henry finally gets a wife that he’s happy and stays with. Top secret and all that, I bet you never knew. But I suppose when I do that I’ll be sleeping alone and single because my fiancé cannot handle me without hair.

In a late breaking twist from Man of Steel, I’m recast as the bald Lex Luthor and Eisenberg is cast as Superman. He has curls, maybe you can ask him out?

And I most definitely love you too. You’re the one perhaps just crazy enough to accept a proposal from me and marry me, after all. But sing all you want, you just as incredible and I am very luck to have you.


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Wow, now I know. If they do a Tudors 2 and I have to go season one Charles Brandon on my hair, then I suppose I’m sleeping alone from then on. Good to know you have your priorities straight, Kunis. And here I thought you liked me for my body.

But in all seriousness, there isn’t a day or moment pass by that I’m not thinking about you or being with you or what we’re all going to do as a family. You’ve always been in this role, Mila. I just want to make it official and shout it to the world.

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Okay, Sheldon… ;)

I love you so much. So damn much. I’m… just… so happy. Though I still think you’re crazy. Absolutely crazy. Why the hell would you want to marry me? 

I love you so much.

Don’t be silly, love. I just did what do many others wanted to do. You’re a vibrant, incredible woman whom I have the privilege of being loved by, so after our talk the other day, I knew it was time. Not a day goes by that I don’t already consider you so much more than my ‘girlfriend’… I love you, too, and call me crazy all you want… I’m in this for the long run with you.

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I’m so fucking cheesy happy that I’m almost making myself sick. Haha Good thing I’m not driving anywhere because I’d probably wreck my car. Can’t stop looking at this ring. 

It’s weird. And amazing. I’m engaged. Holy shit… like… that’s all I can think about. 

Henry… you’re a crazy, crazy fool. You’re absolutely insane… and I hope you never realize this and become sane again.

I’m not crazy, my mum had me tested. But I am crazy about you.

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Is it bad that I’m already thinking about taking a vacation? Work like..just started, and I’m already contemplating making a cruise appear in my future. 

Take a cruise someplace warm and sunny with clear blue waters. Couldn’t ask for a better getaway! Any thoughts on where you’d like to go?

He looked a little bashful for a moment. “I’ve been thinking about it for a very long time. I just didn’t want to rush you or make you feel pressured. But after our conversation on the couch where we talked about the future, with you bringing it up, I had a pretty good feeling that you were in this for the long haul as well.” Watching the tears run down her face was an ‘aww’ moment for Henry… making her cry for very good reasons. He used his thumb to brush them away from her cheek, cupping her head and kissing her when she again pressed up against his body. “I love you, too…” The Brit replied as he wrapped arms around her and held her tight against him. He kissed her then… over and over… his desire for her taking over. “I think I may need to take my fiancé to bed now and totally ravish her for the first time…” he winked with a smile. “Or should I put the brakes on so we can have cake?”

There was a moment of uncertainty that passed through the Man of Steel. A waver in the faith as he could see the wheels in her head turning. He thought about Matt… Why the fuck did he have to think about him at a time like this… and wondered if she was going to ‘take a little time to think’ and then disappear come morning, never to see him again? No, he couldn’t believe that. Not after all they’d been through, all their truths, all the moments. Finally she looked up and with year filled eyes accepted. “Yes? Yes!” He picked her up as she threw her arms around his neck, lifting her shorter frame off the ground and kissing her deeply. “Mmm, baby… oh.. I love you so much…” Henry plastered his new fiancée with kisses and finally out her down on her own two feet. He took a moment to lace the ring onto her finger. “Perfect,” he said as he kissed her hand. “Just like you.”


He blushed slightly, shaking his head. “I thought that maybe if I watched enough I might pick up on some pointers…” He lifted his fork and took a bite, nodding approval of the scallops. “Such a rich dish for seafood. Or maybe it’s all the butter they’re cooked in…” He…

He put the utensils down by the cake and smiled to her. “Hey, hopefully it’s edible at least,” Henry said as his brow furrowed. “But there is something weird… here…” he said, kneeling down as he fiddled with a flower on the cake. “Oh… look.. ” He held the small gem in the air, mounted on a circle of gold. “I seem to think you maybe dropped this…” The large diamond glittered in the candlelight. “Mila… you are the most amazing woman. I, and our son, have had blessed lives since you came into it. And I could not see a day out in the future of the rest of our lives that doesn’t have you in it. I… adore you, want you, need you and love you. And I want you to be by my side the rest of my life. So Milena Kunis…” He took a breath, looking deep in her eyes.

"…will you marry me?"


He gave the woman a soft smile. She didn’t realize that he’d do about anything for her. “Just a little something I whipped up, please. Or maybe the take out containers are in the bin where I tossed them.. ” He shook his head, it was the farthest thing from the truth….

He blushed slightly, shaking his head. “I thought that maybe if I watched enough I might pick up on some pointers…” He lifted his fork and took a bite, nodding approval of the scallops. “Such a rich dish for seafood. Or maybe it’s all the butter they’re cooked in…” He chuckled. Henry asked about her day and what else she did while she was out, getting caught up on her birthday wishes. “I told you,” he said, wiping his mouth with his napkin after they ate. “They love you. Everyone loves you. I love you.” Henry smiled as he went over and got the birthday cake, setting it on the table.