You know, the curl is iconic though….I say do it. ;)

I’d never do that out of respect, though. I love how Zach put Mr. Reeve in Man of Steel, but I know he has the ‘magic’ that I can’t reproduce, only to forge a new legacy for the future.


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How retro of you Superman… 


I know, I feel like I need to go bright blue with my costume and give myself a little curl in the front of my hair.


Atari 2600, really?  How are those graphics compared to the ones of today?  


I love that everyone is getting breaks and I am heading back to work.  I know I had two months off and all.  But it flew by crazy fast, ya know?  DC would actually be fun, I do not know if I would go this time of the year because it being a high tourist city during the Summer yet I bet you two will figure out to make it work.  Is Will going or just you and her? 

They’re blocky and horrible, of course. But I think that’s why I love them? Maybe I’m holding onto my youth too hard but oh well! Yes, we’re taking Will. Sort of formulating a play to take him around the world and expose him to different cultures and lifestyles, you know? Really let him enjoy the world we live in and see all the aspects of it.


Oh my gosh, I thought for sure you still had a rotary phone at home and no cellular phones whatsoever.  


I am kidding, how are things? 

No, my manager brought me kicking and screaming into the 21st century a while ago. I do still have my old Atari 2600 at home though. 

Hey, things are good, no complaints, looking forward to a bit of a break in my filming schedule coming up soon. Mila wants to get away to DC to do the tourist thing, I figure it would be a good way to learn about this country.



I am going with option number 2.  


I admit that’s probably accurate. I only got an iPhone six months ago.

Track Title: Summer Rain

Artist: Matthew Morrison

Album: Matthew Morrison


Matthew Morrison - Summer Rain

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the-kunis asked: "[text]: I know he's still too young to really remember things, but just... I'd like him to see different places and different people, so when he's older, he doesn't deal with the intense shock that I did. Granted, LA is not Ukraine. So... But yeah... I'd love to just... go everywhere with both of you. Show him the world. Mmm well you're the one with the intense schedule, so it's up to you when we leave. ;)"

[text] Look at us with our international baby! Ha. Okay, I think this is a solid plan. Maybe we should sit down and plan this out by our schedules - we can be in Rio for Carnivale, the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico, Australia for New Years, places all over the world at major cultural events. I’m excited about this now. Somewhere in there I’m sure we’ll each squeeze a -little- work in.

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the-kunis asked: "[text]: I think that sounds perfect. Rio or anywhere else. Let's just travel the world together. Show Will everything out there. You're just... you make me happy. Thank you for... indulging in my every whim. I swear... I'm a lucky girl. I can't wait! We can wait until you're done filming if that's easier. I know you've just got a fuck ton of stuff on your plate right now."

[text] I think that’s amazing. I’d love to show our son the world and let him take in everything. Growing up in a quiet English village meant I didn’t see a lot until I started acting. I really would like for him to experience everything we can offer him. Hey, this is the best part of having a ‘fuck ton’ of people in this ‘sequel’ that’s not really a sequel anymore. I don’t have to be around so much!

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the-kunis asked: "[text]: It's completely true. I just want to be where you are. Detroit, LA, Jersey, or Siberia... I just want to be with you. And yeah... maybe one day we can travel out that way again. When everything calms down over there... though I don't know if it will ever calm down. [text]: I love you."

[text] Yeah, I guess it depends where we go, I remember you telling me about your parents bringing you here. I will leave that in your hands to say ‘when’, but know that I am willing to go anywhere with you also. Perhaps we should try something else after DC… Rio or someplace warm and sunny together.

[text] I love you too. So very much.

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