I’ve always enjoyed the natural world. It’s just something that’s dear to my heart, especially when it comes to the conservation effort. Durrell does it so wonderfully and they focus on things other than just the beautiful, fantastic creatures…and that matters to me. It’s something I really want to help out with. - Henry Cavill, on his work with the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust  

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Late night loopy (Cavnis)


Mila dissolved into a fit of quiet giggles at the thought of Henry waking up in the middle of the night and having to scoot away from her awkwardly while she remained in a blissful slumber. “Oh my god, seriously?” She smiled at him. “I didn’t know that.” Another giggle escaped her lips, this time one more mischievous. “I would have helped you take care of business if you’d just woken me up.” Months together - countless trips, countless nights making love, countless dinners and breakfasts and days spent trying to cheer each other up… They’d gone through so much together, but Mila could feel herself falling in love with the man all over again right then as they drove home. As his hand rested on her thigh, she drew in a deep, slow breath - a whisper of a purr escaping her lips. “Mhmm…” She shifted a tiny bit more. “You won best an award for playing Superman. I won Best Villain. That was the night we left early-” Her mind flashed to the two of them running out to the limo, practically undressing each other before they had even managed to crawl inside. “Do you remember what you had in your pocket most of the night?” Grabbing something from her purse, she slipped the item silently into the pocket of Henry’s suit, much as she had done on that night so many months ago.

"Hmm?" he asked, mind slowly recalling the events of that night. "Oh!" he exclaimed, blue eyes going wide in the night. Feeling some movement, his hand slid back to his pocket, a slow, wanton smile appearing on his face as he withdrew the lacy undergarment. "Ohhh…" This time his exclamation was more like a low throaty moan, especially as he passed them just under his nose and got a whiff. Henry bit his bottom lip, looking over to her. "Fuck…" He reached down, panties still in hand and shifted gears on the sports car, taking a sudden right off the road. This led back towards one of the more remote runways and he pulled the car to a halt outside the fencing. "Get out." He rose from the passenger side, growling as he pushed them back into his jacket pocket and came around to the opposite side. No sooner had Mila stepped out of the car than the Dolce suited man had her pressed against it with his whole body, lips hovering just above hers. "I think we talked about this…" he smiled for a moment at his fiance. Definitely a better ‘Mila’ this time. Without another word, his lips crashed into hers in the dim moonlight and solitude of the open sky above.

Late night loopy (Cavnis)


Mila relaxed more as Henry assured her he didn’t want to postpone the wedding or anything of the sort, and continued to stroke the back of his neck, letting her fingers slip up into his curly hair. “I just want to marry you,” she murmured, glancing over at him. “Fairy tale wedding or small ceremony in front of a judge. I just want to marry you.” Breathing in deeply as Henry’s fingers caressed her skin, Mila smiled to herself. “As long as I get to see you in a nice, black suit, I’ll be happy.” She chuckled quietly, reminiscing about their first night together - a night she thought of frequently and fondly. “You were very well-behaved. Knowing you now, I’m very proud of you,” she answered with a laugh and a squeeze of his hand. “I’m actually surprised at both of us.” She bit her lip. “I wanted to sleep with you that night. We were talking and kissing all night, and… I wanted to. But I’m glad we waited. Because it felt better… it felt… perfect the next morning. Waking up to you… all warm and cuddled up against you.” A thought struck her and she laughed loudly. “I just remember thinking that I’d forgotten how much I like morning sex.” Mila grinned devilishly, then shifted her position so that Henry’s had slid up just underneath her dress to her thigh. “Remember our first night out together as a couple? That award show?” Mila grinned wider, her eyes sparkling in the moonlight.

Chuckling, Henry shook his head as they sped on home. “I remember having to scoot my hips back from you around 2am after I woke up and realized that Mila Kunus was sleeping snuggled up against me…” confessed the Man of Steel star with a wink. It made me lay awake there for a while. Contemplated getting up as well, going and taking care of the business so I could return and go back to sleep,” Henry laughed, licking his lips as he thought back to that time. “But I couldn’t stand to let you go. Some things don’t change. I’m just glad we both sleep naked now and I can actually pole you in the back and it’s all right…” He grinned, turning his head to kiss her wrist before looking back to the road. As she shifted, he relaxed his hand on her thigh, sliding it further up her skirt against her buttery tanned skin. “Hmm… the awards show. I think I remember both of us being a bit nervous.”

Late night loopy (Cavnis)


It was hard letting him drive. Mila wanted to lose herself in his kiss - to pull him close and never let him go, letting their lips and hands silently speak the love they both felt so strongly. Blinking dazedly as they parted, the brunette breathed in slowly to clear the fog from her mind. Oh, the things he could do to her so easily… “I loved it,” she replied in earnest. “It was perfect.” Then she grinned brightly. “Besides, you’re my idiot.” Henry might not have the most amazing voice on the planet, but that didn’t matter to Mila. What had just happened - the two of them driving alone down the long stretch of highway as he sang to her - was one of the most romantic things that had ever happened to her, and the smile refused to leave her face. Her heart fluttered in her chest, and she drew in a long, slow breath to try and keep her eyes from welling up with tears once more.

A flash of panic jolted through her mind, shifting her expression into one of worry. “What? No… No no no, I don’t want to put it off!” One hand was already stroking the back of his neck, the other coming to rest on top of his arm, her fingers gripping gently at the fabric of his jacket. “I’d marry you tomorrow, Henry. January can’t get here quickly enough. I don’t feel pressure. I’m just excited and still can’t believe it’s actually happening.” Sliding her hand down his arm, she rested it gently on top of his hand that was on her knee. “My parents would kill me if we eloped… as much as I love the idea,” she added with a playful grin and a laugh. As Henry’s hand began to caress her skin, Mila breathed in slowly, letting her find focus on the delicate touch of his fingertips. Smiling, she leaned back in her seat, her face turned to his. “I wouldn’t trade it either. It was one of the best nights of my life.” She bit her lip for a second. “I remember we got there and I wondered if I was crazy for going with you. Except… I knew I wanted to be there. You gave me a t-shirt and sweats to wear because our clothes got soaked in the rain, and I just remember thinking… I don’t know… I loved the way your clothes smelled. I loved the way they felt on me.” She ran a finger through her hair, glancing out at the dark road. “I fell in love with you that night. Everything just felt right. I remember feeling like the actual world had shifted and suddenly everything was exactly where it was supposed to be.” Well… he said he liked her cheesy. Hopefully he meant it. Mila traced her finger along his neck and around the curve of his ear, then sweetly along his jaw.

His cheeks flushed a little in the cool moonlit air as she called him her idiot. He knew it was an endearing term and sort of gave Henry a ‘gosh, shucks’ moment from Mila. He was an idiot, a fool for her, that was for sure. Henry cast his blue eyes over, wide at her refusal. “I’m not saying we put it off!” he proclaimed, nodding along with her. “I’m the same way, we should really have a real wedding. A fairytale one for my princess.” He knew Mila had many sides to her - everyone saw the tough as nails, ‘fuck’ spewing, girl next door vibe that was everyone’s best buddy. But Henry got to see a few other sides of her no one else did. Beside the sex goddess - and he used that term in all truth - he knew she was still a girl. A girl with dreams of a knight on horseback to rescue her and take her away for her happily ever after. Henry never thought of himself as a hero. He only really wanted to be her hero. Their reminiscing of their first ever night together put him in a romantic mood. “It felt right to have you there. And I was very well behaved, i didn’t cope a feel until the next morning. With that banging bod of yours and my libido, that’s impressive,” he laughed, turning down a long, dark stretch of highway that led past the airport which would take them home.

Late night loopy (Cavnis)


Did love always feel like this? Mila had loved in her lifetime, yet nothing could compare to the exquisite pain and overwhelming feeling that consumed her night and day. She had known pain. She had known the shadows of heartache and disappointment. The darkness of self-doubt. But Mila had not fully realized just how low she had been until Henry came into her life. It wasn’t that he showed her how to live, simply that he illuminated the world around her, and breathed a freshness into her surroundings that had long since fallen into muted shades of gray. Suddenly love was real and happy endings were possible. Love radiated through the petite woman, leaving her feeling as though she had taken a strong dose of glowing sunshine. January. Oh, the month felt like a lifetime away, and yet so incredibly near! Mila felt her heart flutter as Henry claimed her lips once more. Her body melted against the sensation. The tips of her fingers found his jaw and though it was no long or passionate kiss, the woman still found herself slightly breathless when they parted. If love could always feel this good - like a butterfly in her chest and a rush of sparkling champagne rolling through her body - then Mila would happily give herself over to the drug. Mila grinned mischievously, arching a sharp eyebrow. “I like the way you think, Cavill.” Then she giggled playfully. “That’s what you were thinking, hm? I guess then it’s lucky that I decided to come home with you tonight.” She teased, of course. There was nowhere else she would want to be at this moment. Just with Henry. Her Henry.

Breathing in the night-scented air, Mila felt her whole body relax as Henry began to drive. She closed her eyes for a moment, letting the hum of pavement and the music from the radio blend into the background as she relished the liberating mixture of happiness and lightness. She was happy. Truly happy. Opening her eyes, staring up at an inky sky flecked with stars, Mila wondered if the night were strangely gorgeous, or if being in love simply made everything shine in a way it never had before. When Henry began to sing, the brunette shifted in her seat, turning more so she could face him, smiling widely at the scene. Henry, like Mila, almost never sang. His growing enthusiasm only caused the woman to grin wider, and when he slipped his hand to her knee, Mila couldn’t help but intertwine her fingers with his as she continued to watch this performance, chuckling at the sweet abandon that had taken over the man whom she loved. Only an hour before had he been so strong, yet charismatic. Ever the leading man. Mila enjoyed any moment where he let that stoicism go - that English togetherness that she called it at times. She loved seeing Henry goof off, plain and simple. Mila wasn’t as familiar with the song as Henry was, and so she contented herself to a miniature concert as they cruised down the highway.

But the moment changed.

Mila could see it in Henry’s face. The moment when the lyrics and the moment came together in perfect harmony. Even though the song was about a man loving a girl, as she listened closely to the lyrics, her own heart thudded in recognition, knowing that the roles could so easily be reversed. She loved a man who knew her better than anyone, and lord, if there were ever a person who treated her like a queen, it was the man at her left. Her expression softened. Whenever their eyes would meet for just a brief moment as Henry glanced back and forth between her and the road, Mila felt a flutter in her chest. She squeezed his hand gently. A soft sigh escaped her lips, almost a whimper, as Henry’s fingers slid along the back of her head. Her throat had tightened with emotion. Her eyes had become glassy with tears she didn’t want to shed. No, this was a fun moment. No need to ruin it with tears. Yet she couldn’t help it. Leaning into the pressure of his hand, Mila smiled, a few happy tears slipping down her cheeks as Henry continued to sing.

One kiss wasn’t enough. Mila eagerly kissed him back, her lips faintly salty from her tears, and she instantly regretted the moment that he pulled away. “I love you too, Henry. More than anything.” Glancing back to the road, Mila drew in a deep breath, trying to erase the heavy emotion that had built up in her throat like a leaden weight. “Damn you, you made me get all fucking teary-eyed!” Mila laughed, reaching her fingers up towards her eyes, wiping away at the makeup that wasn’t even smeared. “Spent all that time on trying to looking nice, and you make me cry it off in one fell swoop. Jesus…” Sliding her hand once more to his neck, Mila let her fingers slip up into the curls she loved so much. Then she leaned over and bit his shoulder. “January. We’re getting married in January. You’ll be my husband. I’ll be your wife. It feels… it feels… crazy… and amazing.” Then she shook her head almost as if to erase the moment from her mind. “Sorry. I think the champagne got to me. I feel cheesy as hell.”

He smiled over to her, leaning back as their kiss finally broke. Henry’s hand remained on the nape of her neck, fingers gently rubbing her neck between his thumb and index fingers, the other hand on the wheel. Even as she sniffled and laughed lightly, Henry thought she was so beautiful. “I’m sorry… it was most improper of me to sing like a bloody idiot…” he grinned, but he really didn’t regret it that much if she was smiling and crying a little bit like that. Henry would never be a rock star or on stage where he could woo a girl by singing to her. But he did have moments where he dropped his guard and became ‘just a guy’, a flawed, normal and certainly out of tune guy with scratchy high notes and off-pitch low notes. Yet in that was a plain reality: he loved Mila. Plain and simple. She had appeared in his life, changed it for the better, and finally Henry was genuinely happy. 

"Is it too soon? We can put it off, I don’t want you to feel any pressure or whatever…" he replied to her somewhat frantic comments about their time being rushed. "I want us to do this when ‘we’ are ready, not when someone else says. I mean… we could fly to Vegas and whatever, but quite honestly my parents would kill me…" he chuckled. Finally, with her hand in his hair he moaned softly in delight of her affections, moving his hand down to her leg. He brushed along her soft, tanned skin, caressing her bare knee with his thumb and fingers lightly kneading her toned muscle. "I sort of like you cheesy…" he chuckled with a nod, looking from the dark road ahead back to her. "I sort of love you any old way you are, actually… from the night of just sleeping together after the park to every night since… I wouldn’t trade it for the world," he smiled, gripping her leg a little tighter for a moment.


Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis

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Late night loopy (Cavnis)

This was something she had done a hundred times before, yet tonight seemed so very different. A childhood spent among within the entertainment industry. Countless cocktail parties and award shows… Countless changes to talk with directors, producers, and executives of all sorts. It was the disgusting side of her job. Feeling like she was whoring herself out for money and support. Though, of course, Mila had never actually whored herself out. While there may have been women who at some point had slept their way to the top, but she would never be counted amongst them. Yet tonight was different. She was used to being part of the ensemble, or even one of the featured leads. But tonight was Henry’s night, and Mila was here to play the dutiful girlfriend. Truth be told, it was a role she was more than happy to play.

Mila had guided Henry through a few pre-gala nerves and questions, being the one more at home among the Hollywood big wigs. And once at the event, she smiled gaily and laughed at the boring as hell jokes that clearly had been told one time too many. It was all a game of puppets. Invisible strings and empty promises. Strike the right balance of being the loving fiance - the truth - and the playful flirt with the sparkle in her eye. Mila conversed and bantered, then when each conversation ended, she sought the safety of her beloved’s embrace, slipping one arm around his waist as the man draped an arm over her. It was like they fit perfectly together. And as she watched Henry work his way around the room, being the polite and congenial man he was, the brunette couldn’t help but smile, feeling proud that everyone was there for him. For the movie he was making. He’d had success before Mila ever came into the picture, but even so, she couldn’t help the overwhelming rush of pride that filled her heart.

As they slipped outside to leave, Mila smiled as Henry wrapped his arms around her and lovingly returned the kiss that he brushed upon her lips. A thousand nights like this she would happily endure as long as she could be by his side. “Thankfully no ass-grabbing,” she answered with a laugh. “I honestly… don’t know what the hell I would have done had that happened. Pretty sure slapping the guy would have been a bad idea, but… it wouldn’t have been good.” Mila smiled as Henry lifted her left hand, placing a sweet kiss on it as the diamond flickered in the moonlight. “Mmmm I think that might have had something to do with it, yes,” she purred before leaning up to kiss him again. The two of them slipped into the car a moment later as Mila nodded her answer to his question. Home. Home was anywhere that Henry was. Glancing down at the ring on her finger, the brunette grinned to herself as they began to head off into the night. “It’s probably weird… But tonight just… made the whole wedding thing feel super real. Like… being around all of these people and telling them that we’re engaged and just… it felt real. I mean, the shock’s worn off and I know it’s happening and I know we’re planning things. But… I really… really loved telling everyone that I was your fiance.” At the last line, Mila looked over at Henry, her eyes soft and glowing in the night. There had been a time when marriage had scared her. A time when she was convinced that it was never going to be something for her. Those times were long gone.

Brushing her fingertips along the curve of his ear, Mila allowed her smile to turn a bit more devious. “You look damn sexy in that suit, by the way…” She slipped her fingers to the back of his neck, stroking the skin gently as they drove off into the night.

“How do you think I felt? I got to point over to you all night, looking stunning in that dress, and say ‘that’s my fiancé. We’re getting married in January.” Henry wore the same smile she did, leaning over the console between the bucket seats to capture her lips with his own. “Then I had to step in the eyeline of some of those old farts who decided to stare at you too long,” he laughed. He knew Mila could handle herself. Their outing was another showing of how their relationship had matured and changed. He trusted her. And Henry knew she wouldn’t do anything to hurt him. “Then I caught myself staring at you and thought ‘that is the hottest babe here tonight. I think I’m going to take her home with me and ravish her.” He bit his lip with a playful wink, noticing the valet watching them. “Oops…” he said, popping a wave to the man.

Henry put the car and gear and eased it out of the drive of the country club the studio had rented for the event. Once on the road, he opened it up a little bit, the light even breeze catching her hair in the moonlight. Henry felt particularly happy at the moment. And why not? He had another major blockbuster almost in the bank. His son was amazing. And he’d finally found the perfect girl that he was going to marry who would be both wife to him and mother to William. One day, she’d bear his children as well. To say the Man of Steel star was in an amicable mood would have been an understatement. If he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, he might have floated away.

Faint strains of music floated on the wind as they drove. Something familiar. He reached down, turning the volume up and listening. Gavin DeGraw singing ‘In Love with a Girl’. Henry nodded his head along with the heavy beat of the main verses. By the time the chorus rolled around, he was singing softly along. Glancing over, he gave Mila a bit of a shy grin. “What? It’s an incredible song,” the Brit grinned. “You know you love it… Sing along… ” By now he put his hand on her knee, and Henry was in such a good mood he was singing, loudly, to Mila as he drove, glancing from the road to her.

I’m in love with a girl who knows me better,
Fell for the woman just when I met her,
Took my sweet time when I was bitter,
Someone understands,

He glanced over to her from the road. She did understand him. Better than anyone else. And that was why they were simply meant to be. Suddenly he wasn’t just singing along… but he was speaking to her through the words.

And she knows how to treat a fella right,
Give me that feeling every night,
Wants to make love when I wanna fight,
Now someone understand me,

His hand slid up her neck to cup the back of her head, fingers lacing through her dark hair. Henry wasn’t a particularly good singer, but he had enthusiasm and heart in the words, shaking his head slightly as a wide smile was plastered on his face, like he couldn’t believe his luck in life.

I’m in love with a girl (I’m in love with…)
I’m in love with a girl…

He leaned a little close, pulled her head and pressing his lips to hers, keeping his eyes on the road. “I love you…”



Late night loopy (Cavnis)

It had been an interesting, late night of hand shaking and networking with studio execs and production officials. Apparently the production values for Man of Steel 2 were spectacular (hence the smoozing with people who controlled the cash), but with product placement and kickbacks, he already knew that Warner would not have trouble making money back no matter how much special effects they used. He knew it already: another Superman Hardees commercial was coming out, making him feel like a bit of a sell out to his craft. But a man’s gotta get paid…

And then there was his date to the whole thing. Mila worked the crowd like the true celebrity she was. She smiled, flirting just enough to be friendly but not too much to set Henry off, her visage lighting up as they told the same old boring assed jokes from the same party years ago. She even managed to masterfully keept her ‘fucking’ and ‘fuck’ that she normally used in check for the evening. Frankly, he thought as he stood with a drink in hand watching her talk to someone else, she was better at this than he was. Her years in Hollywood paid off, and he got to reap some of the benefits from her experience. Never one to turn down a helping hand, he’d already taken tips from her on the drive over. Henry didn’t need to flirt as the ‘star’, but dropping a few names at Mila’s suggestion worked very well and soon enough, promises were made to add more funds to Zack’s latest endeavor.

The couple said their farewells late into the night, waving as he took her hand and walked back out to the driveway where the cars were brought back around for the celebrities. They’d gone all out to turn this into a black tie affair, complete with red carpet, catering and caviar. He was dressed sharply in a well fitted suit and tie, looking more like his Dunhill Black commerials in 2008, only with curlier hair (bless the progression of the franchise). Passing the card to the valet, he stood there with Mila, wrapping his arms around her waist and bringing her close. “You were amazing tonight…” he smiled, kissing her tenderly on the lips for the longest time. “Hopefully those old guys didn’t grab your ass too much. It’s mine,” he winked, raising her left hand up to his lips and kissing it. The shine of the diamond just flecked in the moonlight. “And hopefully that scared them off a little bit. Otherwise… I know you’d kick their asses.” The car was pulled up and Henry opened the passenger side door for her, returning to the driver’s side and taking a moment to put the top down for the night drive. “Ready to go home?” he asked her over the radio playing softly in the background. Henry was happy, smiling and genuinely so glad to be with this woman he would one day call his wife.

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[text] I’ve seen you with no makeup and sweats, darling. You look better than most people and a team of makeup and wardrobe artists. You’ll be spectacular. 

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